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At Coldwater Capital, we are your partners in unlocking the potential of tomorrow. With a focus on real estate development, lending solutions, and technology innovations, we stand at the forefront of pioneering change. Immerse yourself in a world of visionary investments, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge advancements that redefine industries and shape futures. Join us in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of opportunity, where collaboration, expertise, and innovation converge. Your journey towards transformative ventures begins here.


We’re committed to excellence.

Coldwater Capital specializes in providing smart capital to entrepreneurs in select real estate projects and start-up ventures.


Real Estate Development

Discover visionary real estate ventures with Coldwater Capital. Redefine living, working, and storage environments, experiencing innovation and community enhancement in every development.



Navigate financial landscapes with Coldwater Capital’s strategic lending solutions. Empower growth and innovation, unlocking opportunities for a dynamic and prosperous future.



Coldwater Capital’s technology focus propels industries forward. Join us in harnessing cutting-edge advancements, fostering innovation, and shaping a tech-driven tomorrow. 

Years of experience

Our team boasts decades of combined experience, guiding strategic decisions and delivering exceptional results across industries.


Coldwater Capital’s portfolio reflects our dedication to fostering growth, cultivating innovation, and maximizing potential across diverse industries.


People matter. At Coldwater we are proud that our portfolio of businesses employ more than 400 talented individuals. 

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Recent News & Updates

Coinless makes its debut at the 2017 International Car Wash Expo

Coinless makes its debut at the 2017 International Car Wash Expo

Coinless Mobile made it's debut at the 2017 International Car Wash Expo held in Las Vegas, NV.  With more than 8,000 attendees representing nearly 10,000, this was the perfect venue to present Coinless to wash owners ranging from single location owners to large...

Cash is No Longer King with Coinless Mobile, a Coldwater Company

Cash is No Longer King with Coinless Mobile, a Coldwater Company

Coldwater Capital takes the plunge into the tech area with the launch of Coinless Mobile, a mobile payment solution that is sure to revolutionize the coin based industries. Beginning with carwashes, Coinless provides a simple way for customers to pay for previously...

Meet the Team

Meet the visionary founders of Coldwater Capital, individuals who seize opportunity and harness it for positive change. Every team member at Coldwater is committed to not only capitalizing on innovation but also giving back to the community. 

Jared Richards

Jared Richards

Founder & Partner

Adam Hepworth

Adam Hepworth


Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood


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